Yaloona’s fabelhafte Märchenwelt – Episode 1 & 2 [de-en]

An episode narrative in several acts (Englisch)

Book Cover: Yaloona's fabelhafte Märchenwelt – Episode 1 & 2 [de-en]
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From the revision of White Castle Games (Vienna, 2015): "The concept [construct] offers interesting theoretical approaches and lets you look deeply into the process of finding ideas. What the basics and motivations for Necrolog [titles derived from the submitted textual fragments] represent is very interesting to learn and could be subject to hours of profound media-scientific discussions. Even the use of – say – fantasybesetzter aesthetics and their simultaneous exclusion is certainly something new for concepts like this, but a large number of representatives of current youth literature of very specific universes are using it. For example, most of the current youth literature can be roughly divided into two forms. On the one hand, it is about living people like Harry Potter or Twilight, which alienates relevant subjects like the "other being", which moves the real universe. On the other hand, it can also be very close to reality and immediate literature. She can tell stories that, so to speak, are located in this, our universe and serve as classic "Coming of age" stories "practical examples" of growing up. Necrolog seems to be able to make an interesting intersection here, reminiscent of the children's stories of Neil Gaiman and determined to be a strength of the subject. [...] As well-known examples, his books may be called Coraline or the graveyard book. Coraline finds special place here, as Henry Selicks film adaptation (who also directed Nightmare Before Christmas) would also be close to an aesthetic for Necrolog."